News and Events Archive

Date Posted News/Event Title
10/19/2017 Molly Crockett (Psychology, Yale): Moral flexibility: Insights from neuroscience
10/19/2017 Dr. Abigail Marsh (Georgetown University, Psychology): The Altruistic Brain
10/18/2017 David Sobel (Brown University, Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, & Psychological Sciences): Mechanisms for Social Learning in Young Children
10/11/2017 Ingrid Olson (Psychology, Temple): A Dynamic Neural Architecture for Social Memory
10/06/2017 Dr. Daan van Knippenberg (Drexel University, LeBow College of Business): Values-based leadership and strategy implementation
09/28/2017 Roger Levy (Brain & Cog Sci, MIT): Life at the edge of the lexicon: Productive knowledge and direct experience in language processing and acquisition
09/25/2017 Dr. Jonathan Mohr: Identity Management as an Affective Process: An Experience Sampling Study of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Workers
09/08/2017 Ed Awh (Institute for Mind and Biology, Chicago): Tracking the spatial and temporal dynamics of online spatial representations with rhythmic brain activity
09/08/2017 PSYC TERP CommUNITY Event
09/08/2017 Dr. Coren Apicella (Psychology, University of Pennsylvania): Understanding the Origins of Social, Economic and Attractiveness Preferences: Data from Hadza Foragers
10/05/2017 DeMond Grant (Oklahoma State University): Repetitive negative thinking: A transdiagnostic factor in the maintenance of anxiety and related disorders
08/30/2017 Michael Frank (Psychology, Stanford): Bigger data about smaller people: Studying children’s language learning at scale