Jonathan Beier

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jonathan Beier (Ph.D., Harvard University) is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Maryland at College Park. His research investigates the development of social cognition, through studies with infants, toddlers, young children, and adults. In particular, his work focuses on how an understanding of other people's mental states and social relationships influences children's own social behavior. His research methods include eye-tracking and looking time measurements, observations of children's prosocial and communicative behaviors in structured tasks, and interviews with children.

Areas of Interest:
  • Social cognitive development
  • Prosocial behavior
  • Theory of mind
  • Social relationships
Personal Website:
  • PhD Harvard University, Psychology, 2008
  • BS Stanford University, Symbolic Systems, 2001
Doctoral Programs:
  • Cognitive and Neural Systems (CNS)
  • Developmental
Current Students
Former Students
  • Mehrnoosh Ahmadi
  •  Jonathan Beier
2147E, Biology/Psychology Building
Department of Psychology
Phone: (301) 405-8765