Dr. Stangor is a professor in the Social, Decisional, and Organizational Sciences Specialty Area. He has also taught at the New School for Social Research, Michigan State University, and at the University of Tübingen in Germany. He received his BA from Beloit College in 1973 and his PhD from New York University in 1986. Dr. Stangor is the recipient of research grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and from the National Science Foundation. He has published seven books and over 70 research articles and book chapters and has served as an associate editor of the European Journal of Social Psychology. He is a charter fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. He has served as the chair of the executive committee and as executive officer for the Society for Experimental Social Psychology. Dr. Stangor regularly teaches Social Psychology, Research Methods, and at the graduate level, Fundamentals of Social Psychology and Group Processes. Dr. Stangor has served as Associate Chair in the psychology department, and has won the distinguished teaching award from the University of Maryland. Dr. Stangor’s research interests concern the enhancement and assessment of academic achievement in higher education, with a particular focus on reducing educational achievement gaps between men and women and among ethnic groups.

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Doctoral Programs

  • Social, Decision, and Organizational Sciences (SDOS)


  • PhD
    New York University
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Department of Psychology
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