I am a fifth-year graduate student in the Cognitive and Neural Systems program. I work in the Neurocognitive Development Lab under the advisement of Dr. Tracy Riggins. I am currently examining the development of episodic memory and its neural correlates in children between the ages of 4- to 8-years. My research utilizes a combination of behavioral measures and neuroimaging (both MRI and EEG), with a focus on  longitudinal analyses (mixed-effect models, growth models, structural equation modeling), to understand how and why memory improves so drastically during early childhood. I am also interested in the neural computational process supporting memory (e.g., pattern separation) in relation to specific subfields of the hippocampus.

Areas of Interest

  • Neural mechanisms
  • Memory development
  • Brain development


  • BS
    Psychology (Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI)
  • BS
    Communication Studies (Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI)
  • MS
    Psychology (University of Maryland, College Park, MD)
Kelsey Canada
BPS 2109B
Department of Psychology
kcanada [at] umd.edu
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