I am a fifth-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program, studying under Dr. Lea Dougherty. My research interests include the development of psychopathology in young children, and risk/protective factors underlying the development of mental health problems in these children. Specifically, I am interested in how dysregulated physiology, early environment, temperament, and family variables contribute to children's negative behavioral and emotional outcomes. Additionally, I am interested in examining predictors of preschool-aged children's daily behaviors and emotions and developing a better understanding of normal versus clinically significant behaviors in 3-5 year old children.

Areas of Interest

  • Clinical
  • Child Psychopathology
  • Cortisol Reactivity
  • Parent-Child Interactions
  • Preschool mental health


  • BS
    Neurobiology/Physiology - University of Maryland, College Park
  • BS
    Psychology - University of Maryland, College Park
  • MS
    Clinical Psychology - University of Maryland, College Park
Graduate Mentor Program- Behavioral and Social Science Undergraduate-Graduate, Fall 2014-Present
Student Member - Faculty Evaluation Committee, Fall 2014-Present
Member, University Student Judiciary, Student Honor Council, Spring 2015-Winter 2016
Katherine Leppert
Child Stress and Emotions Lab/BPS
Department of Psychology
kal603 [at] umd.edu