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Social Media

The UMD IO MPS has a program instagram account (umdiomps) for anyone to follow with pictures from various IO MPS events and social gatherings. If you post anything on instragram related to the program, be sure to @umdiomps #umdiohasclass . The Program Director also has a primarily IO-related instagram account (Dr.Righteous).

UMD IO MPS friends and family have an active linkedin page through which jobs and events are advertised, and through which cohorts look for ways to help each other (such as organizing a loan for graduation regalia).


A fund exists for the IO MPS at UMD to provide support to IO MPS students, including financial support to attend professional conferences, and, eventually, scholarships to students in need. We welcome any and all donations to this new fund, no matter how small. Gifts can be made online directly into this fund using the following giving link:

Contact Us

For any inquires about the program from prospective students, anyone in the IO community, or organizations interested in learning more about what IO can do for them, please contact us (iomps [at] for further information.