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UMD IO MPS Resources

Your primary point of contact will be Dr. Juliet Aiken (jraiken [at], who is the MPS Program Director. Dr. Aiken is the contact person for interested applicants to the MPS program. She also teaches MPS courses, supervises the IO MPS faculty, and is the lead student advisor – all of which maintains the quality of the MPS educational experience. She works with Dr. Hanges to develop/enrich MPS courses and to recruit/select MPS faculty. If you have any questions about your coursework, professors, career, IO in general, or other professional/personal concerns, please contact Dr. Aiken. Dr. Ken Yusko (kyusko [at] is also available to answer questions about the program, and about the courses he teaches.

Dr. Paul J. Hanges (phanges [at] is the Academic Director of the IO Psychology MPS program. Dr. Hanges has responsibility for ensuring that all course offerings and program obligations are consistently and professionally met. This is accomplished by yearly reviews of MPS faculty, course offerings, and bi-annual meetings with the MPS Advisory Board to ensure and enhance the quality of our program. He also works with Dr. Aiken to develop/enrich courses and to recruit/ select MPS faculty.

In addition to advice and guidance, Drs. Aiken, Yusko, and Hanges will keep students updated on job openings and developments in IO Psychology throughout their time at UMD and after they graduate.


UMD Graduate Student Resources

UMD Graduate School Home Page

UMD Career Center


SIOP-Related Resources for Graduate Students and IO Psychologists

Webinars (for prospective students, students, and practitioners)



Tillman Scholarship (for military/veterans and spouses)

Scholarships Offered Through the UMD Alumni Association


Other Support

Warrior Scholar Project (skill bridge for veterans to the classroom)

Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL; to support veterans in college/University)


Professional Associations

A number of professional associations are available for IO psychologists. One professional association, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) provides a list of professional associations IO psychologists might be interested in joining. That list is available here:

In addition to joining SIOP, we recommend joining the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and/or the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington (PTC-MW). Each of these organizations provides a discounted membership rate for students. Links for joining SIOP, SHRM, and PTC-MW are below:

o   SIOP

o   SHRM

o   PTC-MW

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