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The University of Maryland IO Psychology MPS program has a new online home! Please visit our new site at the link above. 


So What is Industrial Organizational Psychology Anyway?

Okay, so you found your way to our website, which means you've at least heard of Industrial Organizational Psychology. We also realize that doesn't necessarily mean that you feel confident that you know what IO Psychology is, what an IO Psychologist/Practitioner does, or what you, specifically can do in or with this field. We created this page to help guide you through some of these key questions, so you can be confident in your decision to apply to IO Psychology Master's or PhD programs if you choose to go this route.

As stated on our front page, Industrial Organizational Psychology is the study of people in formal organizations, including the workplace. IO psychologists work throughout industry – in consulting, human resources and training departments, government, research, and academia – to improve the well-being and outcomes of employees and organizations. IOs can be in the private sector, public sector, government, education, and non profits. Essentially the sky is the limit, and no discipline is as uniquely positioned to influence and improve the workplace. Given how much time adults spend working, that's a huge impact!


What is Industrial Organizational Psychology?



IO Brochure (SIOP)

A Day in the Life of an I/O Psychologist


What are my career prospects as an Industrial Organizational Psychologist/Practitioner?

Job Titles for I/O Psychologists (SIOP)

Career Paths in I/O Psychology (SIOP)


Guide to Industrial-Organizational Psychology Careers:


How do I get into the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology?


Graduate Programs in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Also check out our web page on preparing for graduate school in I/O Psychology for more information!

A list of I/O Graduate Programs (SIOP)


Other Resources

I/O Soapbox (Program Director's Channel on I/O Psychology)

Challenges International Students Face and How to Overcome Them (SIOP)

Department 12


I see Clinical Psychologists/Psychiatrists everywhere on TV. Where can I see what I/O Psychologists do?

We gotcha. I/O is everywhere, including in entertainment! Check out this page to see how I/O psychology concepts (and some related jobs) play out in shows, movies, and documentaries.


I'm a huge nerd. I want to stay "in the know." How can I follow IO Psychology updates on social media?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Follow #iopsych and #iopsychology on Instagram and twitter. And, there are a number of IO heavy accounts on both platforms, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. Check out this page to see how to get all up in I/O psychology on social media.


If you came across this page, and want to share additional resources that helped you learn about IO Psychology, please email Dr. Aiken at jraiken [at] with those resources so we can keep this page updated!