• Graduate Students -- We expect all research proposals to include support for one or more graduate students.
    • If your proposal does not include graduate student support, please include a memo with your application explaining why. Meredith will send the memo on to the Chair, who may contact you to discuss the matter further before signing off on the budget.
    • Including graduate student funding speaks to the educational component that funders look for, showing that we actively support graduate research and training. Most Federal agencies expect to see this item in budgets; thus it is unlikely to be considered excessive.
    • It also is worth noting that only with a steady stream of sufficient grant money for graduate assistants will we be able to guarantee our students support at competitive levels. 
    • We currently budget $21,889.38 for 12-month Level I graduate student stipends plus an additional 40% ($8,756) for their fringe (health, dental, taxes), and current tuition costs ($602 cr x 20 cr = $12,040). If you know your grad student will be higher than a Level I, please provide that information during budget preparation. Otherwise, the default will be $21,889.38 plus fringe and tuition.
  • Multiple Departments – A separate budget from each department is required and will be combined into the main budget.
    • The percent effort (F&A and DRIF) assigned to each department will be based upon the department’s percentage of the total budget. 
    • Any deviation from this formula must be requested in writing to Meredith, who will forward it for consideration and approval to Jack and Kim before the proposal is routed. The request must include the proposed distribution and justification.
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