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Currently recruiting:

  • Mood, Motivation, and Risk Taking “MMRT”

This study is currently recruiting college aged (18-21 years old) smokers and nonsmokers.

  • FEELING DOWN? Are you interested in receiving individual therapy at no cost to you?
We are recruiting individuals to participate in a treatment study for low mood and symptoms of depression.
Participation includes attending eight (8) individual therapy sessions at the University of Maryland, College Park. All participants will be compensated a total of $40—($5 per every therapy session attended).
If you are interested to participate in our study, please contact us at to complete an initial screening questionnaire to determine your eligibility!

Will be recruiting and running within the next two months:

  • Soft Commitment as a Mechanism to Prevent Preference Reversal in Smokers: Study 3

Recruitment Title: “Text your choice: Analyzing factors that may influence decision making”

We will begin recruiting a community sample of individuals who smoke cigarettes and individuals who do not smoke cigarettes. All participants must be at least 18 years old. Individuals will be required to complete an initial phone screener to determine eligibility. Participation will include two in-lab sessions lasting about 1.5 hours, and a text messaging phase that will consist of responding to one text message a day for four weeks. Interested participants can email or call 240-242-9480.