Dr. Jennifer L. Wessel (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Maryland in College Park. Her research examines the experiences of and reactions to individuals with stigmatized identities in the workplace and other evaluative contexts, with a focus on the identity management strategies individuals use in regard to their identities. Dr. Wessel has also recently begun examining the role of authenticity at work and its connections to diverse identities.  


Areas of Interest

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.)
  • Identity Management
  • Authenticity

Doctoral Programs

  • Social, Decision, and Organizational Sciences (SDOS)


  • PhD
    Michigan State University; Psychology, 2012
  • MA
    Michigan State University; Psychology, 2008
  • BA
    Rice University; Psychology, 2006; cum laude

My goal in teaching has been and will be to present material to students in a way that is stimulating and thought-provoking, while also informative and applicable to the lives of my students. I want students to leave my courses viewing the science of human behavior as fascinating and realizing how many different psychological phenomena they witness every day. For this department, I have taught or will teach: Social Psychology (undergraduate), Industrial/Organizational Psychology (undergraduate and graduate), and Diversity in Organizations (undergraduate and graduate).

Although the workplace has moved toward increased pro-diversity policies and practices that are aimed at helping traditionally marginalized groups such as women, ethnic minority individuals and LGBT individuals, members of these groups and others continue to be stigmatized in workplace contexts, suffering negative interpersonal treatment, exclusion, discrimination, and/or even harassment. The main goal of my research is to better understand issues of diversity in the workplace, with a long-term goal of producing quality research that can provide individuals from diverse backgrounds with tools to thrive personally and professionally at work, as well as help organizations meet the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds. My research lab (IMg lab) utilizes both laboratory and field methodologies to explore the experiences of and reactions to stigmatized individuals in the workplace, as well as examining the role of authenticity in the workplace.

  • Professional
    Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Education and Training Chair, 2020-2022
  • Campus
    Diversity Committee Member

Current Students

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