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  • When registering for PSYC799, 898, and 899, please be sure to register under your advisor's section number as indicated herePlease note that section numbers are different from the fall/spring semesters to the winter/summer terms.
  • For a current listing of what courses are being taught this semester, you may view here the Schedule of Classes
  • View here the current Tuition and Fees
  • Continuous registration is required each semester (including the summer session if you are advising with your adviser, using University facilities, or graduating in August). If newly admitted, register in the semester of admission in order to validate your admission. Registration is required in the semester of graduation, including one of the summer terms if graduating in August.
  • Graduate students from other departments wanting to register for PSYC courses will need permission from the Department of Psychology.  To do so, you will need to email the instructor asking for permission and forward that email to PsycPhD [at] for your registration block to be lifted.
  • For current graduate students, please be sure to fill out the Schedule Request form, have your advisor approve of your course selection, and have him/her forward the Schedule Request form to PsycPhD [at] for your registration block to be lifted.
  • Once your registration blocks have been lifted, you may proceed in registering yourself via Testudo under Register and Enroll.