If you would like to have a representative of the human subjects committee visit your class to explain the procedures to your students, please let us know.

Be sure to tell your students how many credit hours they may earn for your class, and how these credit hours will influence the students’ course grades.

You may wish to tell or remind your students that when they participate in an experiment they gain credit hours. However, if they sign up for an experiment and do not show up at the time they signed up for (unless they cancel properly within 24 hours, following the instructions in the handout), then they lose credit hours from the extra points that they have accumulated for participating in experiments.

Also, please remind students that if they are earning credits for more than one class in the same semester, then they must assign those credits to each of the different classes (instructions for doing so are in the handout).

The SONA system keeps track of all of the credit hours for your students. At the end of the semester, the credit hours earned by each of your students will be reported to you.