Instructions on how to use the SONA System

Below, you will find detailed instructions on:

1)      Creating an Account on the SONA System

2)      Logging into the SONA System

3)      Signing up for an Experiment

4)      Cancelling a Scheduled Experiment Participation

5)      Reassigning Earned Credits to a Different Class


To participate in experiments, please follow these steps exactly:

1)      Creating an Account on the SONA System

If you already have an account from a prior semester, skip this section and logon with your existing username and password.

How to create an a/c for SONA

a)       Go to the SONA System Website  Click on the “Request Account” link located on the right hand side of the login page as shown above.

b)      Enter your personal information in the account creation form. It is strongly recommended that you complete every field- in the interest of verification and convenience.

You must use your University ID Number as your User ID (e.g. 123456789). This guarantees a unique and available User ID. Enter your name, University email address, Phone, and your University ID (in both the User ID and the Student ID fields). Select ALL the courses from the dropdown menu for which you intend on earning research participation credits. PLEASE CHECK TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE USED THE CORRECT UNIVERSITY ID & MADE THE CORRECT COURSE (S) SELECTION. 

Account Set Up Screen: 

Account set-up screen

Account set-up screen 2


After you have completed all of the fields, click on the “Request Account” tab just below the Course Selection Dropdown Menu as shown above.  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered.


2)      Logging into the SONA System

a)      After receiving the confirmation email that your participant account has been created, go to the SONA Systems website at

b)      At the SONA Systems site, enter your User ID and Password as specified in the email.

c)       After logging in, read the “Human Subjects/Privacy Policy” page and click “YES” or “NO” at the bottom of the page to indicate that you agree, or do not agree, with the policies.

d)      Complete the Prescreen and indicate that you are over 18 years of age. If you are not over 18, please contact the SONA Administrator at sonahelp [at] ()to arrange to do the research alternative.

e)      Review your “My Profile” and update your profile information if necessary.


3)      Signing up for Experiments

a)      To view all available studies click on the GREEN “View Available Studies” tab located on left hand side of screen. You will be taken to the active studies page that lists the studies currently available for participation.  See image below:

Signing up for experiments

b)      To view the available timeslots for a study click on the “Timeslots Available” tab located to the left of the study information column.  See image below.

Available Timeslots

c)       To sign up for a study timeslot, click on the “Sign Up” tab located next to the time and date you are available and wish to participate. See image below.


Signing up for study Time slots

You will receive a reminder email the day before your appointment. Please be sure to arrive for your study at least 5 minutes early because often individuals cannot be allowed in the laboratory after the experiment begins.


4)      Cancelling Scheduled Experiment Participation

If you absolutely must cancel your research study appointment, you may do so without receiving a penalty by: 1. Logging into the SONA System 2. Clicking on “My Schedule and Credits” 3. Selecting “Cancel” next to the study you need to cancel. Reminder: You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the study appointment time to avoid any penalty (i.e. unexcused no-show).


5)      Reassigned Earned Credits to a Different Class

Once you have earned credits, you may go to the “My Schedule and Credits” page to reassign any credit (s) you have earned to a different course. Select “My Schedule and Credits” and click “Reassign” in the course row for the credit (s) you wish to reassign. See image below.

Reassigning earned credits to a different class


For questions please contact the Psychology Department SONA Administrator at SONAhelp [at]