The Feller Center in the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences is a co-located hub for academic advising and career planning services. The Center offers customized career planning resources for BSOS students. 

Please review the key resources below:

Explore Options 

  • Career Exploration Guide: PSYC: Includes sample work titles/areas of our recent graduates, career planning information, research, internship, and graduate school resources tailored for psychology majors!
  • Explore internship sites: Review previous internship sites, tips for locating openings in the psychology field, plus much more. 
  • Gain experience: Add to your marketable skill by landing an internship, research position, leadership position on campus, part-time job, etc. 
  • Research: Learn about research options at UMD and in the greater DMV area. Review tips and events for getting involved in research and learn how to get funding for your research!

Prepare to Apply

To learn more about careers in PSYC and general guidelines, the American Psychological Association (APA) lists some general career resources that all psychology graduates can use! 

PSYC Career Event Recordings:

Sheppard Pratt Employer Information Session

Careers with APA: 

If you are interested in seeking career opportunities at the APA, please free to watch the video below or or look at this list of resources.

 Careers in Health Psychology: 

If you are interested in the field of Health Psychology, watch the panel below to learn more about career opportunities in the field.