At the University of Maryland, we in the Department of Psychology feel that both a bachelor's of arts degree and a bachelor's of science degree open the door to excellent career opportunities! Whether you are looking to move on to higher education, such as pursuing a Master's degree or Ph.D., or you want to go directly into your field of choice, our website has information for you!

For general information, the UMD career center has gathered a detailed page about where graduated PSYC Terps have gone.

To learn about undergraduate PSYC major career titles as well as internship/job listing resources go to

To learn about potential career at the American Psychological Association 

For more specific information about career options with a B.A. in Psychology, click here. For information about career options with a B.S. in Psychology, click here.

Finally, to learn more about careers at the American Psychological Association (APA), feel free to watch this recorded event highlighting potential careers at this organization or look at this list of resources. The APA also lists some general career resources that all psychology graduates can use!