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PSYC 389-Experiential Learning (1-6 credits)

Prerequisites: Completion of nine credits in Psychology, a 3.0 GPA in Psychology and a 2.8 GPA overall.  

Course Description:  PSYC 389 is a course through which undergraduate psychology majors can earn academic credit for a professionally supervised internship experience.  This course is administered entirely online through the ELMS Canvas Online Learning Management System and provides students with the opportunity to reflect upon and process the challenges and learning opportunities that accompany the professional work environment. Students are also guided on methodologies for connecting their academic theory based psychology coursework to the functional activities they are performing at their internship site. Skills clarification and strategies for effectively marketing their internship to psychology major employers and graduate schools are also key components of the course. The culminating assessment for the course is a three-part Internship Poster Project where the student demonstrates through internship tasks, activities, and events how they have acquired specific knowledge, skills, and abilities they can then market to an employer or graduate school. All in all students should expect to spend 2-3 hours per week completing course assignments online through ELMS in addition to the regular weekly hours of practicum work at their internship site.

This course does not apply toward the 11 course/35 credit psychology major requirements; however it does apply toward the 120 credits required by the University for graduation.

PSYC 389 is a variable course in which the credit value range a student enrolls in is between 1 and 6 credits. The number of credits a student enrolls in is determined by the number of field work hours they will completing at their internship site. Please see table below:

Credit Value # of Field Work Hours Requirement
1 45
2 90
3 135
4 180
5 225
6 270

A Note About Other Internship Options...

-If your internship does not qualify as relative to the field of psychology you may pursue it for credit through one of THREE BSOS internship courses, BSOS 288I, BSOS 386 or BSOS 355.. Please contact Liza Lebrun, Assistant Director for Internships & Experiential Learning, at llebrun [at] for more information about this option.

-If your internship site is requiring you to be concurrently enrolled in a course but not requiring you to earn credit, you may register for the UNIV 099 Internship Seminar. Permission of the University Career Center Internship Coordinator is required for this course. Please contact Erica Ely, the University Career Center Internship Coordinator, at eely [at] for more information about this option.

If you have any questions about seeking internship positions in psychology, please contact:

Steve Young
Senior Advisor/Undergraduate Internship Coordinator
Office of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Psychology
syoung17 [at]
(301) 405-5866