Neuroscience Minor

The Minor in Neuroscience will give the highly qualified and motivated undergraduate an opportunity to study Neuroscience. The emphasis includes study in systems, cognitive, and computational neuroscience in a manner that crosses the traditional boundaries of Psychology, Biological Sciences, and other related disciplines. The minor is most appropriate for students who already have a background in the Biological Sciences or Psychology.

All majors are eligible for the minor except students in the Physiology & Neurobiology (PHNB) track in Biological Sciences (BSCI).

There are a number of science course prerequisites for the required and elective classes. Students should carefully review the prerequisites for all courses listed for the Neuroscience minor. A student without a sufficient science background may not be able to complete the minor in the allotted credits. Students may only count a maximum of two courses (6-8 credits) toward both their major degree requirements and the Minor in Neuroscience.

Applying to the Neuroscience Minor
For more information about the Neuroscience minor with details of how to apply, visit the NACS website .