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10 Things To Do To Land A Psychology Internship

Struggling with how to get started with your Psychology Internship Search? Check out this 10 Things To Do To Land a Psychology Internship Resource. 

Action #1: Create an Internship Search Spreadsheet to manage and organize your search. 

Action #2: Peruse the PSYC Internship Sites Directory to learn about the broad and diverse experiences for applying and practicing your psychology knowledge and skills. 

Action #3: Identify 12-15 Organizations To Target For Your Search. Sign into and utilize Handshake, the University Career Center's Online Career Management Platform to search for internships and events that feed and support your internship search. 

Action #4: Read PSYC Terp Internship Testimonials to learn more about the functions, responsibilities, and outcomes of psychology internship experiences. Check out these internship site reviews to explore and examine the highlights and learning milestones of specific internships. 

Action #5: Review these Finding A Psychology Internship Workshop Slides that provide a step by step guide to the Psychology Internship Search and Selection Process.  

Action #6: Familiarize yourself with the  alumni, organizations, and professionals who participate in the Psychology Career Exploration Night Might any of these be of interest to target for an internship? 

Action #7: Create, review, and update your Internship Resume. These resume resources from The Feller Center can help you design a resume that highlights the knowledge, strengths, and skills you bring to a potential Internship Organization. You can schedule an appointment with The Feller Center Career Planning Team to have your resume reviewed before you conduct your official Internship Outreach. 

Action #8: Use these resources provided by The Feller Center to create a professionally appealing and dynamic LinkedIn Profile to begin networking with PSYC and BSOS Alumni for potential internship opportunities. Request to join the PSYC and BSOS LinkedIn Communities after your LinkedIn is complete and goes live. 

Action #9: Tap into the topics and themes that really drive your interest in Psychology. You can use this Psychology Keyword List to identify additional organizations to target by entering the keyword in "quotation marks" and searching on for job ads that have this term in their description. Look @ the organization that is hiring in this area and do some research on their mission to see if it might be an organization to add to your target list. 

Action #10: Follow the PSYC E-New Blog for posted internship opportunities. Join Terrapins Connect and reach out to alumni to network with career paths and organizations that match your goals and interests. 

For further assistance with your Internship Search contact Steve Young, Senior Advisor, Psychology, syoung17 [at] or



Nicki Aghayeva, Child and Family Therapy Clinic Undergraduate Trainee, Kennedy Krieger Institute

Kayla Kellner, Undergraduate Intern, Kennedy Krieger's Child Family Therapy Clinic

Jacqueline Zimmerman, Psychology and Marketing Intern, Best Within You Therapy & Wellness

Silvia Diovanti Serrano, Undergraduate Intern: Social Media Manager, Well-Being & Psychological Services

Taylor Kramer, Criminal Investigations Unit Intern, Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office

Haley Tosh, Intern, Kennedy Krieger Institute Child & Family Therapy Clinic

Sigalle Bahary, Summer Research Intern, Plant Five for Life

Regina Familiar Avalos, Talent Acquisition Intern, Aurora Flight Sciences

Samantha Chichester, Summer Intern, Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County

Margaret Galdi, Communications Intern, BAE Systems, Inc. 

Alexa Shyama, Undergraduate Legal Intern, Office of the Public Defender, Maryland

Virginia Cheng, HR Intern, Kelly Gilmour

Destiny Minker, Research Assistant, Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS)

Sarah Epstein, Marketing Coordinator, East Coast Technology

Alyson Leininger, Patient Care Volunteer, Children’s National Hospital – Washington D.C. & Undergraduate Research Assistant, Interpersonal Relationships Lab

Kennedy Sarvis, HR Intern, So Other Might Eat (S.O.M.E.)

Alyssa Snyder, Intern, Prescott Psychotherapy and Wellness

Ritika Vemulapalli, Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Undergraduate Intern, Department of Justice - Criminal Division

Brooke Mayoral, Rehabilitation Counselor, Cornerstone Montgomery

Autumn Welsh, Clinic Intern and RA, UMD Psychology Clinic - Dr. Colleen Byrne

Shiv Agarwal, Project Manager, XCLSV Media

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