Studying Abroad

The University offers its students the opportunity to pursue their studies in foreign countries and apply this experience to their University of Maryland degree. In many cases, study abroad courses can be used to satisfy department requirements. Please note that all University of Maryland students must complete a minimum of 30 University of Maryland resident credits. Furthermore, students must complete their General Education requirements before they will be given permission to study abroad. If you are interested in studying abroad, you should plan to do so during your sophomore or junior year, because students who study abroad during their senior year often violate the Final 30 Credits in Residence Rule and delay their graduation.

The Department of Psychology participates in two study abroad programs, offered during their respective terms by demand. Listed below is general information for each program. Note that PSYC students do not have to study abroad in only psychology programs and are encouraged to study abroad in any area of interest.


Summer Program:

Freud’s Footsteps: Psychotherapy Then and Now, Vienna, Austria. Led by Dr. Kevin McGann

There is no better place to learn about the history, development, and impact of psychotherapy than Vienna, Austria, where Freud established his "talking cure." Freud lived in Vienna for almost 80 years and practiced his own theory of psychoanalysis for nearly five decades. On this program you will learn about the history of the mental health movement in Europe, the zeitgeist of the Austrian region and culture in the late 19th century and early 20th century, the life and contributions of Sigmund Freud and other mental health practitioners of his era, the significant changes to psychotherapy that have occurred in contemporary times, and scientific evidence of therapeutic effectiveness in many forms. You certainly do not need to be a fan of Freud to attend this program, as we also spend time analyzing the analyst and critiquing his theories from scientific and multicultural points of view. Overnight trips to Salzburg, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary are included. The study abroad course will count as PSYC438F, a 400-level non-lab psychology course in the Mental Health and Interventions theme (3 credits).

Note: This program was most-recently offered in Summer 2017. It will not be offered in Summer 2018, but likely will be offered in Summer 2019. Please contact Dr. McGann for more information at  


Semester Programs:

There are a variety of semester-long programs the provide students the chance to earn credit for 1 or more psychology courses while they are studying abroad. For more detailed information about studying abroad in general, as well as the specific PSYC programs, please visit the study abroad website.

If you are interested in studying abroad, please follow the steps below:

1. Meet with the Education Abroad Office in 3122 Susquehanna to discuss study abroad options.
2. Meet with a department advisor to discuss how study abroad will work with your major requirements.
3. Meet with a college advisor to discuss how study abroad will best fit into your overall degree requirements, keeping in mind any relevant University policies.
4. Apply to the study abroad program of your choice.

* Once you are accepted to a study abroad program, continue with the remaining steps below. *

5. Complete an official academic audit (link to audit page here):

a. Review your Degree Navigator report and make sure it is accurate.
b. Schedule an appointment with a department advisor to complete the first portion of your audit.
c. Schedule an appointment with a college advisor to complete the second and final portion of your audit.

6. After obtaining the Permission to Study Abroad (PSA) form from the Education Abroad Office:

a. Take the PSA form to your department advisor for approval if you plan to take courses abroad in order to fulfill major requirements
b. After receiving approval from your department advisor (if applicable), take your PSA form to a college advisor for final approval. * Note: If you plan to take only CORE and/or elective requirements abroad, you need only receive approval from a college advisor - department advisor approval is not necessary.

7. Submit your PSA to the Education Abroad Office and complete any final steps necessary as dictated by the Education Abroad Office.