Welcome to the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland. Our department was formed in 1937, and has since established itself as a leader in teaching, research, and innovation.

Psychological science is a rich discipline that lies at the crossroads of biology and society. It is a hub discipline that bridges such disparate fields as biology, education, sociology, health, business, marketing, engineering, and neuroscience. Psychological science is integral to understanding the fundamental building blocks of human behavior and necessary for addressing contemporary societal issues. Indeed, many of the world’s biggest challenges are inherently behavioral in nature: Racism, drug addiction, mental disorders, childhood wellbeing, terrorism, and climate change. Our outstanding faculty and students conduct groundbreaking basic and applied research at all levels of analysis (from cells to society) aimed at addressing many of these (and other) important problems. As we recently celebrated our 70th anniversary, I am honored to lead such an outstanding faculty.

I invite you to peruse our website to learn about our department and to discover the richness of what psychology has to offer. What you will find amongst these pages are award-winning educators dedicated to enriching the lives of over 1,300 majors, world-renowned researchers conducting cutting-edge science on problems ranging from autism, emotion, and language to culture, diversity, and social relationships, and an outstanding staff dedicated to serving the university community. I am confident that you will find our faculty and discipline as fascinating as I do.

Michael Dougherty

Professor and Department Chair