Name Email Location & Phone
Tony Chan Chan, Anthony
Elect Tech III
achan1 [at] 1101 Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5868
UM Globe Chick, Krystle
Academic Program Specialist of Graduate Studies
kchick1 [at] Suite 1121, Biology-Psychology Bldg #144
Alexis Foley, Psychology Advisor Foley, Alexis
afoley19 [at] BPS 1121X
Enamul Haque Haque, Enamul
ehaque [at] Room 1120 Building 144
(301) 405-5864
Merle Henry Henry, Merle
Business Services Specialist
mhenry12 [at] 1121K Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-1258
Robeya Johnson Johnson, Robeya
Business Manager
robeyar [at] 1121U Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-0173
Lori Kader Kader, Lori
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Studies
lkader [at] 1121Y Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5866
Joanne Leffson-Bryant Leffson-Bryant, Joanne
Director of Finance and Administration
JLeffson [at] 1121 Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-1013
William Liden Liden, William
Business Manager
liden [at] 1121S Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-6863
UM Globe McCormick, Lakeisha
Business Services Specialist
lmccorm [at] 1121K Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-1338
UM Globe Sanderson, Jen
Coordinator of Faculty Services
jensan [at] 1121 Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5890
tablada Archilline Tablada, Archilline
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies
atablada [at] 1121G Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 314-2609
Meredith Tabor Tabor, Meredith
Contracts & Grants Coordinator
mtabor [at] 1121U Biology-Psychology Bldg
(301) 405-0269
pic Winfield, Hannah
Program Management Specialist
hgriffit [at] (301) 405-7997
Young, Steve
syoung17 [at] 1121W Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5866