Psychology is one of our campus' most popular majors and is classified as a limitted enrollment program (LEP).  The gateway requirements are in place to ensure that anyone who pursues the major is prepared to be successful in the field.  More information about the gateway courses is on the Degree Requirements page.

Incoming Freshman

All students accepted directly as freshman into the psychology major, or who declare by the last day of classes in their first semester, will undergo an Academic Review at 45 credits (earned at Maryland) in order to remain in the major. You will need to have completed the LEP gateway requirements and earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 to remain in the major.

Transfering from Another Major or Another School

Any student who wants to add psychology as a major has to have already completed the LEP gateway requirements.


  • Contact the Department of Psychology’s Office of Undergraduate Studies at PSYCadvising [at] to state your interest in becoming a PSYC major. Please include your UID. If you qualify, you will be sent a PSYC LEP application along with the steps to complete.
  • Register for a Major Change Workshop @ 
  • After successful completion of the Major Change Workshop, you will be able to complete the BSOS Academic Planning Workshop. For available appointments, or to complete the workshop online, visit
  • Email your PSYC application and academic plan to bsosmajorchange [at]  
  • BSOS Advising will send you an email notifying you of your status. Please note that this may take a few weeks.