Limited Enrollment Program (LEP)
Students who were admitted directly as freshman in the fall of 2013 or afterwards will undergo an Academic Review at 45 credits and must have:

  • Completed PSYC 100 (or PSYC 221 if the student has PSYC 100 AP/IB) with a minimum grade of a B-
  • Completed BSCI170/171 (BSCI105) with a minimum grade of a C-
  • Completed MATH 120 (formerly MATH 220) or MATH 130*, or MATH 140 with a minimum grade of a C- (MATH 130 is restricted to Biological Sciences majors only.)
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 in all coursework taken at the University of Maryland

University of Maryland students beyond their first semester and those transferring to the University from schools within the University System of Maryland in the fall of 2015 or afterwards must have already completed the same gateway requirements listed above and must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70 at the time of their application to the major.

Details on the other LEP policies are provided here:

Students wishing to add Psychology as a double major should visit Feller Center (BSOS) website on double-majors and contact BSOS Advising: 301-405-1697.

Science Lab Gateway
As our knowledge of brain function and its relationship to behavior has grown over the last decade, neuroscience has become an integral part of the study of human behavior. All contemporary psychology students need a solid base in biological principles to have the option to take some of our advanced coursework and the opportunity to be competitive in many fields of graduate study. All majors or prospective majors must demonstrate an acceptable level of mastery by earning at least a C- in BSCI170/171 (formerly BSCI 105 - Principles of Biology I). Click here for more on why BSCI170 is required and for some helpful resources for PSYC majors taking it.

Mathematics Gateway
The computational needs of students are also increasing and it is clear that students without the appropriate mathematical training are at a significant disadvantage and are relatively less prepared for success in the major. Therefore, all majors or prospective majors must demonstrate an acceptable level of mastery by earning at least a C- in MATH 120 (formerly MATH 220) or MATH 136*, or MATH 140 (MATH 136 is restricted to Biological Sciences majors only).


To reflect the direction of the field and the rigor of the discipline, the University of Maryland’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology require that students demonstrate mastery in a broad range of psychological, biological and quantitative areas. As a Limited Enrollment Program prospective majors must complete two gateway courses and satisfy all of the LEP criteria. See our page on applying to the major for details on becoming a PSYC major.


Psychology Multicultural Requirement

Beginning for ALL PSYC majors that add their major after the end of schedule adjustment in Fall 2021. PSYC majors are required to take one multicultural-related course in Psychology. This requirement is in addition to the UMD 2-course general education diversity requirements in Understanding Plural Societies/Cultural Competence. Please note that we are not adding a course to the requirements of the psychology major, but rather asking students to take one multicultural course as part of the 6 courses across the 3 themes. 

Following is a list of courses that students could use to fulfill the proposed multicultural course requirement.

  •   232 - Psychology of Racism
  •   262 - Asian American Psychology
  •   391 - Community Interventions: Service Learning: Domestic Violence
  •   336 - Psychology of Women
  •   354 - Multicultural Psychology
  •   447 - Diversity in Organizations
  •   489F - Cultural Experiences and Processes in Development and Psychopathology

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Requirements
Students must complete 11 courses (35 credits) in order earn their BA in Psychology. With the exception of PSYC 100 (as noted below), students must earn at least a C- in coursework applied to the major.

  • PSYC 100 (or PSYC 221 if the student has PSYC 100 AP/IB) with a B- or higher
  • PSYC 200 – Statistical Methods in Psychology with a C- or higher
  • PSYC 300 - Research Methods in Psychology (4-credit lab course) with a C- or higher
  • A minimum of 2 PSYC courses from each of three thematic areas:
    • Mind, Brain, & Behavior
    • Mental Health & Interventions
    • Social, Developmental, & Organizational Sciences
  • Two 400-level PSYC courses (or special topics courses by departmental permission)
  • One additional 400-level, 4-credit PSYC lab course

For a list of common PSYC courses and their prerequisites and thematic areas, check out the PSYC Course List

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Requirements
To earn their BS, students must complete all of the BA requirements, plus at least three additional advanced courses (17 credits) in mathematics and science. ***As of Fall 2016, the math requirements for the BS in Psychology have changed. Students pursuing the BS must successfully complete MATH 120 (formerly MATH 220) or MATH 136* or MATH 140 with a grade of "C-" or higher. (Note: MATH 136 is restricted to Biological Sciences majors only).  

As of February 7, 2022 we have expanded the choices for BS courses. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Completing the BS requires advanced planning especially since each class has prerequisites. Always check the prerequisites posted on Testudo before you register for a class. 
  • PSYC courses counting towards the B.S. requirements will NOT count towards the thematic or 400 level requirements for the PSYC major.
  • BS PSYC courses cannot count toward the 35 credits/ 11 course requirement.
  • You can still only take 3 PSYC classes per semester (not including PSYC123, PSYC303, PSYC309G, PSYC309P, PSYC309R, PSYC389, PSYC478, PSYC479). 

Click here to view the Bachelor of Science Requirements