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The Department has a strong core of dedicated, nationally and internationally known faculty who have wide-ranging interests. There are 36 full-time faculty members in the Department.

The Department of Psychology is one of ten programs and departments in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS). Students are accepted into the following specialty areas:

Each area offers a range of subspecialties and educational opportunities that combine expertise across several areas. The Department's doctoral programs in both Clinical and Counseling are accredited by the American Psychological Association.

The Department and all its specialty areas share the goal of educating graduate students to conduct research and scholarship. The Clinical, Counseling and Industrial/Organizational areas train students within a scientist-practitioner model for professional careers in human services delivery. The Department focuses on training students who will create, evaluate, and apply scientific knowledge.

The Department believes that students and faculty learn best in an atmosphere characterized by a diversity of interests and perspectives, mutual respect, and hard work. There are many opportunities for collaboration among students and faculty. At regularly held meetings, students and faculty are encouraged to present their ideas and hear the views of others.

The Department developed a Graduate Student Mentorship Policy to articulate our collective commitments to graduate student mentorship/advising that centers core values of the department and creates an accountability structure to ensure that students are given mentorship and resources throughout their graduate program, promoting their ability to thrive.  

Each specialty area offers a doctoral-level program leading to the Ph.D. We do not admit students who are seeking a terminal Masters degree. However, students in any of our doctoral programs can earn an M.S. degree en route to the Ph.D. The exception is for students interested in pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Psychological Science or Industrial Organizational Science. These students can apply for the MPS Program in Clinical Psychological Science and the MPS in Industrial Organizational Science

The Department of Psychology offers only a full-time, day program. Students are required to attend classes and conduct research. Generally, students are not permitted to hold off-campus employment unless such employment is critical to the student's education. Such employment must be approved by the student’s specialty area.