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Melanie Arenson (Advisor: Andres De Los Reyes)

Pallavi Mannava (Advisor: Edward Bernat)

​Ryan Orth (Advisor: Jack Blanchard)

Christina Savage (Advisor: Jack Blanchard)

Imani Todd (Advisor: Jack Blanchard)

Hong Bui (Advisor: Andrea Chronis-Tuscano)

Nicholas Marsh (Advisor: Andrea Chronis-Tuscano)

Danielle Novick (Advisor: Andrea Chronis-Tuscano)

Lauren Oddo (Advisor: Andrea Chronis-Tuscano)

Daria Taubin (Advisor: Andrea Chronis-Tuscano)

Emma Chad-Friedman (Advisor: Lea Dougherty)

Samantha Hubachek (Advisor: Lea Dougherty)

Leah Sorcher (Advisor: Lea Dougherty)

Lauren Keeley (Advisor: Andres De Los Reyes)

Noor Qasmieh (Advisor: Andres De Los Reyes)

Joelle Fuchs (Advisor: Arianna Gard)

Morgan Anvari (Advisor: Jessica Magidson)

Imani Brown (Advisor: Jessica Magidson)

Mary Kleinman (Advisor: Jessica Magidson)

Kristen Regenauer (Advisor: Jessica Magidson)

Alexandra (Alix) Rose (Advisor: Jessica Magidson)

Brooke Kohn (Advisor: Tracy Riggins)

Paige Didier (Advisor: Alexander Shackman)

Shannon Grogans (Advisor: Alexander Shackman)

Loretta Ebiogbe (Advisor: Fanita Tyrell)  

Sarah Wang (Advisor: Fanita Tyrell)



Kristen Dwyer, Ph.D. (Graduated 2018)

Elana Hoffman, Ph.D. (Graduated 2018)

Heather Mazursky- Horowitz, Ph.D. (Graduated 2018)

Stephanie Merwin, Ph.D. (Graduated 2018)

Melanie Lipton, Ph.D. (Graduated 2018)

Lauren Catalano, Ph.D. (Graduated 2018)

Tara Augenstein, Ph.D. (Graduated 2018)

Christopher Seitz- Brown, Ph.D. (Graduated 2018)

Christine Wang, Ph.D. (Graduated 2019)

Laura Kirby, Ph.D. (Graduated 2019)

Cristina Garcia, Ph.D. (Graduated 2019)

Katherine Leppert, Ph.D. (Graduated 2020)

Chelsey (Barrios) Foster, Ph.D. (Graduated 2020)

Adreanna Watts, Ph.D. (Graduated 2020)

Anne Tootell, Ph.D. (Graduated 2021)

Kelsey Woods, Ph.D. (Graduated 2021)

Claire Kaplan, Ph.D. (Graduated 2021)

Adreanna Massey, Ph.D. (Graduated 2021)

Rachael Tillman, Ph.D. (Graduated 2021) 

Bridget Makol, Ph.D. (Graduated 2022)


Recent Clinical Psychology Internship Placements

Kennedy Krieger/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Veterans Affairs Health Care Center University of Maryland School of Medicine Consortium, Baltimore, MD

Yale Child Study Center, New Haven, CT

Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC 

Southwest Consortium Doctoral Psychology Internship, New Mexico VA Health Care System

Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE

DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Washington, DC

Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, Inglewood, CA

University of Washington Psychiatry, Seattle, WA

Texas Child Study Center, Austin, TX

Rush Medical Center, Chicago, IL



Over the past 10 years, alumni placements include:

·        50% Staff psychologist in an academic or medical setting

·        15% in a full-time clinical position

·        15% faculty position in a medical setting

·        10% tenure-track faculty in a psychology department

·        10% in policy, administration, or private industry

Recent Faculty Placements

*Candace Alfano, PhD 
Tenured Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Houston

*Marina Bornovalova, PhD 
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Department of Psychology
University of South Florida

*Yamalis Diaz, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Institute for ADHD & Disruptive Behavior Disorders
NYU Child Study Center

*Stacey Daughters, PhD 
Tenured Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
University of North Carolina

*Tyish Hall-Brown, PhD 
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Howard University

*Heather Jones, PhD 
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Department of Psychology
Virginia Commonwealth University

*Elizabeth Reynolds, PhD 
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Johns Hopkins University

*Abigail Mintz Romirowsky, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
George Washington University and Children’s National Medical Center

*Alice Saperstein, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University

*Karen Seymour, PhD
Assistant Professor, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine