The purpose of the Honors Program in Psychology is to provide a program of study for the superior student that will accelerate and enrich his or her knowledge of psychology. To this end, the Honors Program has the following goals:

  • Educate students to think independently as scholars in their field
  • Provide opportunities for close, scholarly, and scientific analysis of significant topics in psychology
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for students to undertake independent research
  • Introduce students to a broad range of psychological ideas and issues.

All psychology majors have the opportunity to graduate with the distinction of Honors in Psychology.

Benefits of the Program
Honors students may take graduate courses and apply the credits toward their undergraduate degree. However, in order to take a graduate course, the student must get special permission from both the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Psychology and the Assistant Dean in BSOS. Students have access to the upper level General Honors seminars and many of the General Honors functions. Honors students may establish their own internships under supervision of the Department of Psychology and receive Honors credit.

Eligibility Criteria
Psychology majors may apply at the end of the sophomore year, or during the junior year, but in no case later than the sixth semester. Applicants must have:

  • Completed three courses (9 credits) in psychology, including PSYC 200
  • An overall and psychology GPA or at least 3.50

Application Process
For details about the program requirements, and to apply to the Psychology Honors Program, download and submit the application from our PSYC Forms page.

To graduate with Honors in Psychology students must have:

  • Completed the additional program coursework
  • Completed and successfully defended an original honors thesis research project
  • Earned at least a 3.50 GPA (both cumulatively and in PSYC coursework)

To graduate with High Honors in Psychology students must have:

  • Completed the requirements for Honors
  • Earned at least a 3.80 GPA (both cumulatively and in PSYC coursework)
  • Completed a thesis of exceptionally high quality as determined by the thesis committee

If you have any questions about the Honors in Psychology Program please feel free to contact the Department of Psychology’s Office of Undergraduate Studies at 301-405-5866 or PSYCadvising [at]

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