Name Email Location & Phone
Gregory F. Ball Ball, Gregory
Professor, Vice President for Research
gball [at]
Oscar Barbarin Barbarin, Oscar
Professor of African American Studies and of Psychology
barbarin [at] 1119A Taliaferro Hall
(301) 405-1158
UM Globe Barnet, Joseph
Edward Bernat Bernat, Edward
Associate Professor
ebernat [at] BPS 3123E
(301) 405-8374
Jack Blanchard Blanchard, Jack
Associate Provost & Professor
jblancha [at] BPS 1147-F
(301) 405-8438
UM Globe Botanov, Yevgeny
Assistant Clinical Professor | Assistant Director of Clinical Training
ybotanov [at] BPS 3123B
 Headshot Bounoua, Nadia
Assistant Research Professor
nbounoua [at]
Colleen Byrne Byrne, Colleen
Clinical Professor and Director, Psychology Clinic
colbyrne [at] 2114 BPS
(301) 405-8159
Dr. Cassidy Cassidy, Jude
jcassidy [at] 2147C Biology-Psychology Bldg
(301) 405-4973
Headshot Charpentier, Caroline
Assistant Professor
ccharpen [at] 3147C Biology-Psychology Building
Headshot of Dr. Chicoli. She is wearing a sleeveless dress and smiling. Background is of bushes and greenery. Chicoli, Amanda
achicoli [at] 1107B Biology Psychology Building
Andrea Chronis-Tuscano Chronis-Tuscano, Andrea
Joel & Kim Feller Endowed Professor
achronis [at] 1147C Biology/Psychology Building
(301) 405-9640
Jacob sits in a white shirt and blue tie in front of a black background. Coutts, Jacob
jjcoutts [at] 3145 Biology-Psychology Building
Photo of Dr. Crowell Crowell McQuarrie, Susanna
Assistant Clinical Professor
crowell [at]
Christina Danko Danko, Christina
Assistant Clinical Professor
cdanko [at] BPS 1121B
(301) 405-7190
Profile Page Photo for Dr. Andres De Los Reyes De Los Reyes, Andres
adlr [at] 3123H, Biology/Psychology Building
(301) 405-7049
Robert J. Dooling Dooling, Robert
Professor Emeritus
rdooling [at] 2123d Biology-Psychology Bldg
(301) 405-5925
Lea Rose Dougherty Dougherty, Lea
Professor and Director of Clinical Training
ldougher [at] 3123D Biology Psychology Building (BPS)
Mike Dougherty Dougherty, Michael
Department Chair
mdougher [at] 1121F Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-8423
Gard_headshot Gard, Arianna
Assistant Professor
arigard [at] 301-405-3281
Photo of Michele Gelfand Gelfand, Michele
Professor Emeritus
mgelfand [at]
Dr. Gelso Gelso, Charles
Professor Emeritus and Senior Lecturer
gelso [at] 2123N BPS
(301) 405-5909
James Grand Grand, James
Associate Professor
grandjam [at] 3147A Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5935
Dr. Hanges Hanges, Paul
phanges [at] 3147G Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5930
Picture Jens Herberholz Herberholz, Jens
jherberh [at] 2123H BPS
(301) 405-5902
Clara Hill Hill, Clara
Professor (Retired)
cehill [at]
Dr. Hodos Hodos, William
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
hodos [at]
Dr. Iwamoto Iwamoto, Derek
Associate Professor
diwamoto [at]
Jones Jones, Benjamin
jonesb [at] BPS 3123F
profile image Kearney, Monica
msk0191 [at] BPS 3123C
Dr. Kruglanski Kruglanski, Arie
Distinguished University Professor
hannahk [at] 3147 Biology/Psychology
(301) 405-5918
Photo of Ed Lemay Lemay, Edward
elemay [at] Biology / Psychology Building 3147B
(301) 405-5927
Xuan (Anna) Li Li, Xuan (Anna)
Assistant Professor
annali [at]
headshot Magidson, Jessica
Director and MPower Professor
jmagidso [at] 1147B Biology-Psychology
(301) 405-5095
Headshot Mereish, Ethan
Associate Professor
emereish [at]
Jonathan Mohr Mohr, Jonathan
Associate Professor
jmohr [at] 2147K, Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5907
Photo of Ana Navarro- Cebrian Navarro Cebrian, Ana
Lecturer, NEUR200 Course Director
acebrian [at] 1107 BPS
Headshot Nicolas, Abigail
nicolasa [at] BPS 3123C
 Kent Norman Norman, Kent
Associate Professor (Retired)
klnorman [at] (301) 332-8793
Karen O'Brien O'Brien, Karen
Professor and Faculty Ombuds Officer, Office of the President
kmobrien [at] BPS 2147B
(301) 405-5812
Dr. Pessoa Pessoa, Luiz
pessoa [at] 2123C Psychology
(301) 405-2423
Photo of Elizabeth Redcay Redcay, Elizabeth
Associate Professor
redcay [at] 2147D Biology-Psychology Building
Tracy Riggins photo Riggins, Tracy
Associate Professor
riggins [at] Biology/Psychology Building (BPS) 2147J
(301) 405-5905
Cristina Risco Risco, Cristina
Associate Clinical Professor
crisco1 [at] 2131 Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-9373
Picture of Matt Roesch Roesch, Matthew
mroesch [at] 2123G BPS
(301) 405-2274
Headshot Salahuddin, Nazish
Principal Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology
nsalah [at] BPS 1121Q
(301) 405-8430
Ellin Scholnick Scholnick, Ellin
Professor Emerita
escholni [at]
Alex Shackman Shackman, Alexander
Associate Professor
shackman [at] 1147D BPS
(608) 358-5025
Harold Sigall Sigall, Harold
Professor Emeritus
hsigall [at]
L. Robert Slevc Slevc, L. Robert
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
slevc [at] BPS 1147E
(301) 405-5835
Taylor, Terrill Taylor, Terrill
Assistant Professor
totaylor [at] 2147K Biology-Psychology Bldg
(301) 405-5791
Dr. Tomlinson Tomlinson, Tracy
ttomlin1 [at] BPS 1147D
Dr. Fanita Tyrell Tyrell, Fanita
Assistant Professor
ftyrell [at] 2147E Biology-Psychology Building
Tom Wallsten Wallsten, Thomas
Professor Emeritus
tswallst [at] Biology/Psychology
Dr. Jennifer Wessel facing and smiling at the camera, wearing a navy top and grey blazer. Wessel, Jennifer
Associate Professor
jwessel [at] 3147F, Biology/Psychology Building
(301) 405-5929
Headshot Willis, Henry
Assistant Professor
hawillis [at] 2123M Biology-Psychology Building
Weizhen Xie Xie, Weizhen
Assistant Professor
zanexie [at] 2123L Biology-Psychology Building
David D. Yager Yager, David
Associate Professor Emeritus
ddyager [at] BPS
A photo of Heather Yarger in front of a gray background Yarger, Heather
Assistant Research Professor
hyarger [at] 3123A Biology-Psychology Building
profile Zou, Linda
Assistant Professor
lxzou [at] 3147E, Biology/Psychology Building