Name Email Location & Phone
Juliet Aiken Aiken, Juliet
Program Director and Assistant Clinical Professor, MPS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
jraiken@umd.edu BPS 1121-C
(301) 405-7861
G Ball Ball, Gregory
Professor & Dean College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
gball@umd.edu 2141 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-1691
Oscar Barbarin Barbarin, Oscar
Professor & Chair of African American Studies
barbarin@umd.edu 1119A Taliaferro Hall
(301) 405-1158
 Beier, Jonathan
Assistant Professor
jsbeier@umd.edu 2147E, Biology/Psychology Building
(301) 405-8765
picture Bernat, Edward
Assistant Professor
ebernat@umd.edu BPS 3123E
(301) 405-8374
Blanchard photo Blanchard, Jack
Joel and Kim Feller Professor
jblancha@umd.edu BPS 1147-F
(301) 405-8438
Steven E. Brauth Brauth, Steven
sbrauth@umd.edu BPS3123J
(301) 405-5874
M. Colleen Byrne, PhD Byrne, Colleen
Clinical Associate Professor and Director, Psychology Clinic
colbyrne@umd.edu 2114 BPS
(301) 405-8159
Dr. Cassidy Cassidy, Jude
jcassidy@umd.edu 2147C Biology-Psychology Bldg
(301) 405-4973
Chisolm, Andrea
Assistant Clinical Professor
chisolm@umd.edu BPS 1147H
(301) 405-5860
Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, Ph.D. Chronis-Tuscano, Andrea
Professor and Director of Clinical Training
achronis@umd.edu 1147C Biology/Psychology Building
(301) 405-9640
Dr. Ryan Curtis Curtis, Ryan
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies/Lecturer
curtis@umd.edu 3147E BPS
(301) 405-0377
Andres De Los Reyes De Los Reyes, Andres
Associate Professor
adlr@umd.edu 3123H, Biology/Psychology Building
(301) 405-7049
Robert J. Dooling, Professor Dooling, Robert
rdooling@umd.edu 2123d Biology-Psychology Bldg
(301) 405-5925
Lea Dougherty Dougherty, Lea
Associate Professor
ldougher@umd.edu 3123D Biology Psychology Building (BPS)
(301) 405-5464
Picture of Mike Dougherty Dougherty, Michael
Department Chair
mdougher@umd.edu 1147D Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-8423
Felton photo Felton, Julia
Clinical Assistant Professor
jfelton1@umd.edu BPS 1121-B
(301) 405-7190
Dr. Gelfand Gelfand, Michele
mgelfand@umd.edu 3147C Biology Psychology
(301) 405-6972
Dr. Gelso Gelso, Charles
Professor Emeritus and Senior Lecturer
gelso@umd.edu 2123N BPS
(301) 405-5909
Erica R. Glasper Glasper, Erica
Assistant Professor
eglasper@umd.edu 2123M Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-2877
James Grand Grand, James
Assistant Professor
grandjam@umd.edu 3147A Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5935
Hamilton, Kristen
Research Assistant Professor
khamilt4@umd.edu 2103N Cole Activities Center
(301) 405-7895
Dr. Hanges Hanges, Paul
phanges@umd.edu 3147G Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5930
Dr. Jens Herberholz Herberholz, Jens
Associate Professor
jherberh@umd.edu 2123H BPS
(301) 405-5902
Clara Hill Hill, Clara
cehill@umd.edu BPS 2147g
(301) 405-5891
Dr. Hodos Hodos, William
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
hodos@umd.edu 2123E Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5875
Dr. Iwamoto Iwamoto, Derek
Assistant Professor
Dr. Kruglanski Kruglanski, Arie
Distinguished University Professor
hannahk@umd.edu 3147 Biology/Psychology
(301) 405-5918
This image is not displayed. Lemay, Edward
Associate Professor
elemay@umd.edu Biology / Psychology Building 3147B
(301) 405-5927
Dr. Mohr Mohr, Jonathan
Assistant Professor
jmohr@umd.edu 2147K, Biology-Psychology Building
(301) 405-5907
Cynthia Moss photo Moss, Cynthia
Professor Emerita in Psychology and Affiliate Faculty in ISR
moss@umd.edu 2153 AV Williams
(301) 452-2577
Picture of Kent Norman in his office. Norman, Kent
Associate Professor
klnorman@umd.edu BPS 3123F
(301) 405-5924
Karen O'Brien O'Brien, Karen
kmobrien@umd.edu BPS 2147B
(301) 405-5812
Dr. Pessoa Pessoa, Luiz
pessoa@umd.edu 2123C Psychology
(301) 405-2423
Sarah Racz photo Racz, Sarah
Assistant Clinical Professor
sracz@umd.edu Biology/Psychology Building, Room 2123J/K
(301) 405-5932
Redcay photo Redcay, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor
redcay@umd.edu 2147D Biology-Psychology Building
Tracy Riggins photo Riggins, Tracy
Associate Professor
riggins@umd.edu Biology/Psychology Building (BPS) 2147J
(301) 405-5905
Risco, Cristina
Assistant Clinical Professor
crisco1@umd.edu 2103 Cole Student Activities Building
(301) 405-9373
Scott Roberts UMD Profile Picture Roberts, Scott
Affiliate Senior Lecturer
scott@umd.edu 4120 McKeldin Library
(301) 405-9356
Roesch, Matthew
Associate Professor
mroesch@umd.edu 2123G BPS
(301) 405-2274
Naz Salahuddin, Ph.D. Salahuddin, Nazish
​Director, Undergraduate Studies in Psychology Director, Graduate Certificate in Working with Survivors of Violence, Torture, and Trauma (VTT)
nsalah@umd.edu BPS 2143
(301) 405-4892
Scholnick, Ellin
Professor Emerita
UMD_2_medium.jpg Selterman, Dylan
dselter@umd.edu 1147-K, Biology/Psychology Bldg
(301) 405-5926
shackman_photo Shackman, Alexander
Assistant Professor
shackman@umd.edu 3123G BPS
(608) 358-5025
Sigall, Harold
Professor Emeritus
picture of bob Slevc, L. Robert
Assistant Professor
slevc@umd.edu 1147E Biology/Psychology Building
(301) 405-5835
Smith, Barry
Professor Emeritus
stangor photo Stangor, Charles
stangor@umd.edu BPS1147G
(301) 405-5921
Dr. Steinman Steinman, Robert
Professor Emeritus
Dr. Tomlinson Tomlinson, Tracy
ttomlin1@umd.edu BPS 1147D
Dr. Tyler Tyler, Forrest
Professor Emeritus
Tom Wallsten Wallsten, Thomas
Professor Emeritus
tswallst@umd.edu 1147H Biology/Psychology
(301) 405-3562
Dr. Jennifer L. Wessel Wessel, Jennifer
Assistant Professor of Psychology
jwessel@umd.edu 3147F, Biology/Psychology Building
(301) 405-5929
David D. Yager Yager, David
Associate Professor and Associate Chair
ddyager@umd.edu 2123L BPS
(301) 405-7228